Thank you for choosing Phoenix LiDAR Systems! This user manual provides a detailed overview in the use of our LiDAR mapping systems. It addresses and explains the working principles of the underlying components, the system architecture, and the required software. This manual is not intended to replace customer training. Instead, it should serve as introductory material for new users and a reference tool for experienced personnel.

To navigate this documentation, use the banner on the left of the window. For legacy documentation, see the links posted below.

SpatialExplorer 8 is out NOW!

SpatialExplorer 8 is out for post-processing data ONLY. For data acquisition, continue to use SpatialExplorer 7. The documentation on this page pertains to SpatialExplorer 8 - for SpatialExplorer 7 documentation, see the links below.

Legacy Documentation: SpatialExplorer versions 4 - 7:

SpatialExplorer version 4, 5, 6: https://docs-6.phoenixlidar.com/lidarmill-desktop/introduction

SpatialExplorer version 7: https://docs-7.phoenixlidar.com

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