Connect via Cellular

4G Connection

To use 4G in the field, it is recommended to connect your laptop to a dedicated mobile hotspot. The rover requires an external USB cellular modem, preferably a compatible 4G USB modem. A GSM compatible modem is ideal. The rover will automatically connect to the remote server upon establishing a connection to the internet.

It is important to use the Wi-Fi terminator which attaches to the Wi-Fi antenna port and protects the interface when the Wi-Fi is not in use.

Phoenix LiDAR Systems Connection Service

The Phoenix LiDAR Systems Connection Service allows for communication between Spatial Explorer and rover via a remote online server. An internet connection is required on both the computer running Spatial Explorer and rover for this to function. Communication is established through an alphanumeric License Key that is uniquely assigned to each rover.

If you are connecting to the rover over a 4G cellular connection, choose the Phoenix LiDAR Systems connection service option when opening Spatial Explorer and enter the corresponding License Key of your system. The correct License Key must be entered for the server to correctly associate the current session of Spatial Explorer and rover.

Refer to Connect to Rover via Connection Service for more information

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