Status & Activity LED

The status and activity LED show whether the camera is operational and also indicate trigger and capture events.

During Boot-Up

During boot-up, the camera will perform a self-check to guarantee proper functionality. During this check, the status and activity LED will show the following:

Status LED

Activity LED

Constant RED

Flashing RED indicates an activation of

the camera trigger

For more details on the self-check, please refer to section Powering ON the Camera.

During Operation (after self-check)

Based on the outcome of the self-check, the LED status will be the following:

Status LED

Activity LED

Constant GREEN indicates a successful self-check

Flashing GREEN

indicates the camera captured an image

Flashing RED while constant GREEN indicates the camera received a trigger

signal from rover

Flashing RED only

indicates the self-check failed and camera

is not operational (check section Troubleshooting)