Connect via Ground Station Wi-Fi (Bullet M5)

The purpose of this document is to demonstrate how to reconfigure the settings on a Wi-Fi Bullet Long Range Module for use with a ground station computer from Phoenix LiDAR Systems.

This reconfiguration is required if you need the module to connect to a different WiFi network, e.g. when you switch between multiple rover systems.

During this procedure, the Wi-Fi bullet module and antenna must be powered and connected locally to the laptop used for acquisition via an ethernet cable. Ensure the navigation box is powered on (CPU light is on) and the 5.8 GHz Wi-Fi antenna is connected to the navigation box. Provide power to the rover with the included AC adapter.


After connecting the Wi-Fi module to the notebook, ensure the notebook’s ethernet adapter shows an IP address of 192.168.200.X and a DHCP server of If that’s not the case, please configure your ethernet settings as shown in the section titled Wired Ethernet Network Card Setup in the Phoenix LiDAR Systems User Manual.


1. Launch a web browser from the computer connected to the Wi-Fi Bullet. To access the Bullet Web UI, enter the address: If a privacy error warning appears, select the option to proceed to the address.

2. Login with username: phoenix and password: aeriallidar

3. In the Wireless tab of the web interface, choose the SSID by clicking the “Select” radio button and selecting the option titled phoenix___ ending in the 3 last digits of your system's serial number.

4. Select Change and then select Apply these changes when prompted.

5. To verify setup, a SpatialExplorer connection to the nav box with the IP address or the hostname rover-wifi can be used to test the Bullet. A successful connection to the rover via Wi-Fi connection concludes the test and reconfiguration.