Powering ON the Camera - Self-Check

During boot-up, the camera will perform a self-check.

The A6K-Lite camera will power on automatically when the entire system (NavBox) is connected to a power supply (make sure the LiDAR/Camera cable is connected between NavBox and camera).

At boot-up, the camera will perform a self-check to guarantee proper functionality.

During the self-check, the Status LED of the camera will be constant RED and the camera will trigger a total of 2 times (the Activity LED will signal a trigger event by flashing RED).

After a successful self-check, the Status LED will turn to constant GREEN. Otherwise, if the self-check failed, the Status LED will start flashing RED. If this happens, the camera will not be operational. Please refer to section Troubleshooting of this manual.

Once the Status LED is GREEN, the camera is ready for operation and can be used via Spatial Explorer.