LiDARMill is a cloud-based platform designed to post-process LiDAR data. This customizable platform can be used to process trajectory data, generate a calibrated, classified, and colorized pointcloud, generate data products (DTM/DSM, Contours, etc), and easily visualize and share the resulting 3D geospatial data.

Key Features:

NavLab: Trajectory

Navlab combines IMU and GNSS data to generate a smoothed and accurate trajectory, a critical step to producing survey-grade data.

Auto Flight Line Detection

LiDARMill automatically detects and omits turns and calibration patterns, focusing only on data-collecting flight lines and reducing processing time.

LiDARSnap Adjustment

LiDARSnap is a powerful feature that minimizes offsets from multiple flight lines, exporting aligned data in the industry-standard LAS format.

Classification and DTM

LiDARMill automatically generates a ground/non-ground LAS and gridded DTM using data processed in previous steps.

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