A6K-Lite Camera

User Manual for the Phoenix LiDAR A6K-Lite Camera Accessory

Thank you for choosing the A6K-Lite camera accessory for your Phoenix LiDAR system.

The Phoenix LiDAR A6K-Lite camera is our newest addition to provide a flexible RGB solution to our LiDAR systems and was specifically designed by us for reliable aerial mapping missions. It integrates easily with our LiDAR products and provides a streamlined acquisition and post-processing workflow.

Adding calibrated RGB to your LiDAR point-cloud will add tremendous value to your service and has never been easier with the A6K-Lite option. Our Dual A6K-Lite setup even doubles the horizontal field-of-view which is ideal for adding RGB textures to large vertical structures such as buildings and bridges or boosting mapping/flight coverage on bare earth terrain.


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