Create New Mission

With the project created, the next step is to upload mission data. A mission is essentially a data set. The data set type will determine what files you are required to upload.

Video Tutorial

In the Missions tab, click the red plus button to "Create new mission".

It is possible to upload your project files from Dropbox or from a local drive. You will need to specify the mission type. The mission type will determine which files you will be required to upload:

Mission types:

This is the most common mission type. This mission type applies to all customer's with a Ranger, miniRanger, or Scout system type. You will need to upload at the minimum a PLP and a NAV file.

This mission type applies to customers with a RECON or RESEPIsystem. You will need to upload all of the DATA files associated with your project.

This mission type is used for post processing LAS files and trajectories. With this mission type you will need to upload a LAS or LAZ file - you also have the option of uploading a trajectory file (CTS, CLS, POF, SBET, etc). See more info here.

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