The General settings window allows for configuring settings such as the device file of the temperature sensor as well as the modes for the I/O ports. In most cases, users should not alter any of the parameters in the General section unless instructed to do so by Phoenix LiDAR Systems.


Every system is configured and associated with a unique alphanumeric key. Editing license keys is disabled by default in Spatial Explorer - if you need assistance with licensing issues, please contact


The AutoStart/AutoScan option will determine how camera or LiDAR sensors are activated.

System Startup

Determines when rover will launch:

  • Off: rover starts once SpatialExplorer connects

  • Immediate: rover starts immediately after power up

Recording Camera / LiDAR data

Determines when the sensors (LiDAR/camera) will be activated.

  • Manual: recording sensor data is controlled manually through SpatialExplorer

  • Delayed: recording sensor data will start 5 minutes after GNSS reception is established

  • Once Moving: recording sensor data will start once rover starts moving, then continues until shutdown

  • Whenever Moving: recording Camera/LiDAR is active as long as rover moves

Devices and I/O Ports

Settings for devices and I/O ports are not user-configurable in Spatial Explorer. Contact for assistance.

Minimum LiDAR Point Distance

This is the minimum distance between each displayed point. In most cases, we recommend setting this value to ~0.50 m or to avoid any bandwidth/latency issues on the computer running SpatialExplorer.