Connect via Wi-Fi

Bullet Wi-Fi Antenna

The proper method of connecting to rover via Wi-Fi is using the Bullet Wi-Fi antenna with either the omni-directional or directional antenna attached.

When using the Bullet Wi-Fi antenna, make sure the ethernet adapter on the computer is set to DHCP. The Bullet Wi-Fi antenna will automatically assign an IP address to the computer in the same subnet as rover.

Once the Bullet Wi-Fi antenna is powered on and connected, connect to Rover as a UDP Client through SpatialExplorer using the IP address or the hostname rover-wifi. Refer to Modify Hosts File for more information.

For information on reconfiguring the Bullet Wi-Fi antenna you can find it in the below section.

pageConnect via Ground Station Wi-Fi (Bullet M5)

Internal Wi-Fi

When the rover is powered on, it will create its own Wi-Fi network named “phoenixXXX”, where XXX are the last three digits of the rover’s serial number. The wireless security password is “aeriallidar” (no quotes). Any number of devices can connect to this network, receiving an IP address in the 192.168.20.X subnet through DHCP.

This method is not recommended for long range communication. Instead, use the Bullet Wi-Fi antenna for long range communication.

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