In this section you will find help to the most common problems that may occur with the Phoenix AIR A6K-Lite Camera.

The camera fails the self-check at boot-up (Status LED keeps flashing RED).

First, please check the position of the ON/OFF switch on the side of the camera and make sure it is in the ON position. Furthermore, check if the camera triggers 2 times during the self-check. If not, please get in touch with our support team. For debugging reasons, connecting an HDMI monitor to the cameras’ HDMI output will be helpful to check the state of the camera.

Captured images are too dark.

In this case, the default camera settings for shutter speed and aperture need to be adjusted. Please check the Changing Camera Settings section of this manual.

Captured images are blurry / out-of-focus.

The selected shutter speed might be too slow (exposure time too long) which resulted in motion blur during the mapping flight. Please increase the shutter speed (shorter exposure time).

The camera does not capture images.

Make sure that the camera settings for trigger/maintenance string and event pin under the rover settings is correct (refer to section Initial Camera Setup and Dual A6K-Lite Setup). For a dual camera setup, the camera serial numbers also need to be entered correctly. If the camera status LED flashes red at the rate of the interval time, but the camera still doesn’t trigger, please verify the camera settings by connecting a HDMI monitor to it. Make sure the camera is set to manual focus.