Changing Camera Settings

Learn how to change the default camera settings for shutter speed and aperture.

The A6K-Lite comes with default shooting settings that are suitable for most mapping missions. Those settings are:



Shutter Speed






(limited to max 3200)

We always recommend keeping our default settings. However, in the event of unacceptable image outcomes (e.g. blurry images or improper exposure) please get in touch with our support team before changing any settings so we can help you in determining the right settings for your application.

To change the default settings for shutter speed and aperture, follow the steps below:

  1. With the entire system unplugged from any power supply, set the camera ON/OFF switch to the OFF position.

  2. Connect an HDMI monitor to the camera via the micro HDMI output on the side of the camera. Any desktop monitor with an HDMI input will work and the provided HDMI Cable Type D to Type A can be used for the connection between camera and monitor.

    Connecting the camera directly to the DJI Lightbridge will also work. For this you will need a HDMI cable with a micro HDMI connector on both sides (Type D to Type D).

    Alternatively, most M600 Pro drones will already have an HDMI cable attached. In this case, you can use a HDMI Female to micro HDMI adapter cable (min. 30 cm length) in order to see the camera’s output via the DJI App.

  3. Supply power to the system (NavBox).

  4. Wait until the camera Status LED starts flashing RED.

  5. Set the ON/OFF switch to the ON position and wait for an output on the HDMI monitor.

  6. Cancel the “Set Area / Date / Time” Screen (use the settings wheel and the center knob of the wheel) and confirm the following screen with “OK”. The camera will not be able to save/restore the current time due to the lack of a bios battery. Therefore there is no need to set the time and date.

  7. The LIVE-View of the camera will appear.

    The camera behaves just as a regular Sony Alpha camera with the settings wheel and menu button.

    To change the shutter speed, simply rotate the settings wheel.

    Please note that decreasing the shutter speed to values below 1/1000s can lead to blurry images (motion blur) as the UAV moves during the flight. Shutter speeds too fast will result in underexposed images. Try to use shutter speeds between 1/1000 and 1/2000 based on the lighting conditions. To change the aperture (F-Stop), click the left edge of the settings wheel first, then rotate the wheel.

    Please note that lowering the F-Stop will decrease the depth of focus and can thus result in partially or fully unsharp images. Apertures of higher f-values will increase the depth of focus but can result in underexposed images.

  8. Once all settings are adjusted, set the ON/OFF switch to the OFF position and wait at least 10 seconds. Also wait for any LiDAR sensors to fully power off. Then disconnect power from the entire system.

  9. Now turn the ON/OFF switch back to the ON position. The next time you turn on the system, the camera will operate with the new settings.