Pointcloud Optimization Pipeline

The Pointcloud Optimization pipeline is designed for processing LAZ/LAS files. This pipeline takes in an input LAS/LAZ, performs classification routines (noise and ground), and then generates deliverables, such as surfaces and raster products. This pipeline can also calibrate point clouds, using either sensor calibration and/or trajectory optimization ("strip alignment") routines if an input trajectory is provided.

Many of the options for starting a Pointcloud Optimization pipeline are very similar to the SpatialFuser options.

Pointcloud Optimization Pipeline

Navigate to the pipelines tab of LiDARMill and select a Pointcloud Processing pipeline:

First, you will need to specify the Sensor Model:

Specifying the correct sensor model is necessary if you wish to calibrate the sensor, otherwise you can leave it set to Generic.

You should specify an IMU orientation. If you do not know the IMU orientation, you can leave the values set to 0, as shown below.:

Flightlines can be defined similarly to the SpatialFuser workflow:

Define what optimization you would like to perform. Refer to the SpatialFuser documentation for a description of optimization parameters.

Specify an output coordinate system:

Lastly, specify the output products to generate:

Note that LiDARMill will always generate project and processing reports, which contains metrics on accuracy and other processing results.

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