What are flightplans?

A flightplan is just a list of flightlines, and each flightline consists of a list of waypoints. Flightlines with static height can contain of just 2 waypoints (beginnning and end), whereas terrain-following flightlines ususally consist of waypoints spaced at an even interval.

SpatialExplorer can import and manage multiple flightplans at the same time.

How to import a flightplan

Flightplans can be created using https://flightplanner.phoenixlidar.com, Topoflight Planner or simply by drawing and exporting paths/lines (LineStrings in KML terminology) in Google Earth.

To open a flightplan in SpatialExplorer v6, ensure the project panel is visible (Windows->Project), then select Flightplans in the tree view and click the file-open button at the bottom. In SpatialExplorer v7, just use the normal File->Open way of opening files.

Select the KML or KMZ file to import, and use the latest WGS84 realization to import (EPSG 1156). If asked, select "Flightplan", not "Geometry".

Above dialog allows importing only specific KML-folders, and also allows filtering the geometry type. Select the folder(s) containing the flightline's LineStrings, and leave the import geometry types at LineStrings. Press OK.

The flightplan has now been imported: