The Satellites window provides a list of the visible global navigation satellite systems connected to the rover’s GNSS receiver. It displays several parameters such as space vehicle name, name of signal, signal strength, and locktime.


Name of GNSS satellite. Acronym stands for Space Vehicle.


Name of the GNSS carrier band.


Measurement of the power present in a received radio signal. Measured in dBHz.


The amount of time since the satellite last obtained signal and navigation data. Max amount of time is 131s. Lower value indicates the satellite is constantly losing signal.

There may be instances where the LockTime will constantly display lower values. One such case might be a LiDAR mapping system mounted to a rotorcraft. If the GNSS antenna is located beneath the rotor blades, there will be a degradation in LockTime due to the blades obstructing the GNSS antenna signal.