Stonex S-900 and Cube-A

Stonex S-900 GNSS receivers can be used

  • standalone as GNSS reference stations during mapping missions

  • in conjunction with Stonex's Cube-A Android application to provide users with an RTK solution for surveying ground control points.

For instructions on configuring an S900 to record raw GNSS observations (used in a post processing workflow with InertialExplorer or NavLab), review the document below:

The full S900 manual can be accessed below:

The following guide is designed to help users configure Stonex S900 GNSS receivers, as well as the Cube-A Android application and Harxon DU8608D radiomodem, for use in a ground control point workflow. Ground control points can be used to shift a point cloud to better match the true ground surface, as well as be used as check points to validate any adjustment made by control points.

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