Cloud Viewer

Upon completing a Spatial Fuser Pipeline, LiDARMill prepares the 3D point cloud for your viewing in a Cloud Viewer. You can see your point cloud by clicking the "Open Cloud Viewer" button on your Spatial Fuser Pipeline.

Tutorial Video

From this interface, you can navigate through your data (left click: rotate, right click: change position, scroll: zoom.) Click the menu button on the left side to open more analytics tools.

  • Appearance: customize various parameters/settings related to the point cloud viewer.

  • Tools: leverage LiDAR’s laser accuracy by making measurements with these tools.

  • Classification Filter: Toggle on/off all items of a specific class, like vegetation, water, structures, etc. LiDARMill’s automatic classification distinguishes between ground and non-ground data.

  • Scene: select which flightlines, GCPs, photo locations, or trajectories to show in the display window.

  • Materials: view elevation, flight paths during acquisition, intensity of laser pulse returns, etc.

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