System Monitor

The System Monitor window displays various system parameters relating to the rover and its attached sensors. The types of parameters monitored are Pose (latitude/longitude, roll/pitch/yaw, etc.), GNSS/INS (PosStatus, UncertaintyP, CorrAge, etc.), and Statistics (Packets, Points, etc.)

The General section will only appear when connected to the system in real time, not when working offline during post processing.

Click here for details on the numerous statistics displayed in the System Monitor window

Shutdown Rover

This command will end the connection between the rover and SpatialExplorer. There is a designated text box that will allow the user to enter any notes; the notes will be saved as a text file in the rover’s log directory. To shutdown rover, you must check the box labeled “Power off onboard computer.” Otherwise, if left unchecked, it will reboot rover. Additionally, you can select to force a shutdown of the system.