Connect to Rover using a Serial Port

Select the “Connect to rover using a serial port” option to establish a connection to rover via a serial connection. This method is typically used with our Long Range UAV Telemetry 900 MHz radio.

Our long range UAV telemetry 900 MHz radio communicates with rover via a serial port. The transmitters are pre-programmed to communicate via a specific baud rate.


Scans for available USB/Serial COM ports. Make sure to select the COM port corresponding to the 900 MHz transmitter.

COM Port

The port through which SpatialExplorer will communicate with rover via the long range UAV telemetry 900 MHz radio.


Rate at which information is transferred through serial communication. Must match the baud rate of the serial port. The long range transmitters provided by Phoenix LiDAR Systems are set to a default baud rate of 57600.

Make sure the transmitter attached to rover is connected PRIOR to powering rover. During the first initial boot sequence, rover will query the long range 900 MHz radio receiver and will automatically retrieve the transmitter’s system path. This will only occur during the initial boot sequence. If the long range receiver is connected to rover after the initial boot sequence, rover will be unable to detect it.

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