Navigation System

There are various navigation system parameters located within this tab. Most important is the "IMU" and/or “Orientations & Offsets” section which includes IMU to GNSS antenna offsets, IMU orientation, and Vehicle/Body rotation.


The Configuration page lists various navigation system parameters. Do NOT change these parameters unless indicated.

Antenna Type

This field lists the type of GNSS antenna used by rover. The antenna model list is pre-populated with numerous antenna models, each sorted by Antenna Code.

Dynamics Profile

This field allows you to select your dynamics profile

Wheel Sensor

If you are using a wheel sensor to trigger camera events, click the Configure button to input wheel dimensions.


By default connections are not user-configurable. Contact support if you need these settings changed.

IMU orientation

Properly entering the Vehicle Body Rotation in SpatialExplorer version 6.X requires clicking on the "Configure..." radio button, which will open a new window that allows the user to enter known OEM6/7 values or use our Axis Mapping matrix.

Indicate in the Axis Mapping matrix which IMU axis corresponds with which vehicle direction. Use positive one (1) to indicate that the IMU axis points in the direction listed in the header and negative one (-1) to indicate that the IMU axis points in the opposite direction listed in the header. For instance, if your IMU-Y axis points vehicle forward, you would input -1 into the box for IMU-Y - Vehicle-Rear. In the example above IMU-X points vehicle-right, IMU-Y points vehicle-up, and IMU-Z points vehicle-rear.

After completing the Axis Mapping matrix, rotations into different coordinate systems will auto-generate. Input the values listed under Phoenix LiDAR Systems Rotation (top left) into the IMU Orientation section of Rover Settings.

Antenna Offsets

Input into this section the offset from IMU to GPS antenna along IMU axes. If you use only a single GPS antenna, offset to antenna 2 will be greyed out. For instance, assume your IMU-Z axis points vehicle-down; if your primary GPS antenna (antenna 1) is located 0.20 meters above the IMU, this would be input as -0.200 m into the Z field.