Connecting via SpatialExplorer

SpatialExplorer is designed to be used as both a post processing software and a data acquisition software. With SE you can monitor and control your LiDAR system in real-time (see what you’re scanning while you’re scanning it) as well as replay, visualize, and analyze LiDAR mapping missions after acquisition. Interfacing with your LiDAR system via SpatialExplorer will give you the most control over sensor acquisition parameters and navigation system settings.

Highlights include:

  • Real-time, 3D, georeferenced point cloud visualization

  • Real-time RGB colorization

  • Real-time measurements and profile analysis

  • Monitor a variety of LiDAR system parameters

  • Real-time photo preview – with specific camera upgrades only

  • Mission Guidance and AGL Oracle modules designed to help facilitate large, crewed acquisitions

  • Monitor the payload and acquisition from nearly anywhere in the world via 4G cellular connection (requires external 4G module)

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