Uploading a Pointcloud Processing Mission

Pointcloud processing missions are designed to work with the Pointcloud Optimization pipeline. This gives users the opportunity to upload a generic LAS/LAZ and trajectory and take advantage of LiDARMill's classification, calibration, and product generation capabilities.

In most cases, users with raw data from a Phoenix LiDAR system should not create a pointcloud processing mission, and instead should create a RECON or SpatialExplorer mission.

First, create a project on LiDARMill. Once you've created a project, you can upload your LAS/LAZ and trajectory data as a Mission.

Creating a Pointcloud Processing Mission

Select Pointcloud Processing as the mission type:

Upload the LAS/LAZ and trajectory. In this example we use an SBET trajectory. The SBET trajectory has an associated accuracy file (SMRMSG.out) that we will also upload.

LiDARMill will automatically detect attributes of the LAZ and trajectory. Check that the detected settings and coordinate system are correct:

It is particularly important to correctly configure the time format of the LAZ and trajectory. In the example above, the LAZ has a Time of Week time format, as does the SBET (per the SBET file convention). Since these two files use TOW format, a relative time format, it is necessary to specify the GPS week/date of the data acquisition. In general, it is best to use the same time format for both the LAZ and trajectory, if possible. Time formats such as GPS standard time are absolute time formats, and thus the user does not need to specify the date/week of the acquisition when using that time format.

Once you have uploaded your Pointcloud Processing mission, you can start a Pointcloud Optimization pipeline.

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