Introducing the NEW Phoenix LiDAR FLEXPack NavBox

Our latest NavBox integrates seamlessly with our new RANGER-UAV22 FLEX, cameras, and RFM2-Mobile Accessory. This flexibility allows the Ranger FLEX to be used in many vehicle profiles and applications such as the following:

  • UAV

  • VTOL

  • Helicopter

  • Ground vehicle

  • Backpack

  • RFM2 (Dual Scanner mobile system with 360° LadyBug, SLAM Assist, and IMU-60.)

Major Changes compared to older NavBoxes

The FLEXPack shares many of the same benefits as the Air NavBox but includes more dedicated ports depending on the connections you want. The removable storage for all data (navigation, LiDAR, camera, is now stored on an SD card.

  • Do NOT remove the SD card when the system is on.

  • We recommend ONLY removing the SD when the system is powered off. Do NOT remove the SD card while the FLEXPack Navbox is recording data. In rare cases, you can remove it IF AND ONLY IF the Status-LED is blue/off/blue/off.

  • The SD card must be formatted with the exFAT filesystem.

Please refer to the below FLEXPack NavBox Guide and the contents below for more information

The printable pdf for this graphics and the LED guide can be downloaded at the following link: https://phoenixlidar.com/ranger-flex-led-quick-start-guide/


pageSpecificationspagePorts and User ElementspageStatus LEDpageUsing the CPU buttonpagePreparing the SystempageRecording DatapageQuestions & Troubleshooting

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