Warnings and Safety Notices

Please read these warnings and recommendations carefully to avoid damages to your Phoenix LiDAR System.

Supplying Power

It is recommended to first connect the Power Splitter Cable to the AIR/SCOUT NavBox before connecting the batteries (or drone power output). After shutting down the system (via the CPU button), first disconnect the battery/power supply from the Power Splitter Cable before unplugging the cable from the NavBox. This will prevent wear due to sparking on the MR30 input connector.

Disconnecting Cables

Never connect or disconnect the I/O cable or any attached sensors/cameras from the I/O connector while the unit is supplied with power. This can lead to damage to both NavBox and attached sensors/cameras. Always shut down the unit completely and unplug the power supply before disconnecting the I/O connector or any sensors. In most cases, disconnecting the LiDAR/Camera cable from the I/O connector is never needed and the cable should be left connected at all times.

Connecting Antenna Cables to the AIR NavBox

Please note that the MCX (WiFi) and SMB (GPS) type connectors on the front panel have a limited number of mating cycles. Therefore we recommend leaving the provided MCX to RP-SMA WiFi pigtail and SMB to SMA GPS cable connected to the AIR NavBox whenever possible. Frequent connects and disconnects should be performed on the SMA side of the pigtail cable only.

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