Using the CPU/Sensor Button

Turning on the CPU

The CPU will turn on automatically when power is supplied to the MR30 input connector. The CPU button will light up green, indicating that the CPU is powered on. In a rare case where the CPU button does not light up green after power has been supplied, the CPU can manually be turned on by a single button-press.

Shutting down the CPU

Before pulling the power connector from the unit, the CPU needs to be shut down properly. This can be done by a single button-press. Once the CPU is completely shut down, the CPU light on the button will turn red. After that, power can be unplugged from the unit. Shutting down the CPU will also shut down attached LiDAR sensors.

Turning on the LiDAR sensor

Once power has been supplied to the unit and the CPU is powered on (CPU button LED ring is green), long-press in the Sensor switch to the ON position to turn the sensor on.

Turning off the LiDAR sensor

To turn the sensor off, long-press the Sensor switch on the system to the off position.

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