Log Files

Rover creates a multitude of data log files during its data collection session with timestamp records so that measurements taken at the same time can be correctly associated when post-processing. These files contain diagnostic messages as well as the raw data captured from the system’s sensors. The following table lists the type of log files created by the system. Any files not listed here are for special applications or diagnostic purposes.


Contains project descriptions that were entered in SpatialExplorer after scanning.


Contains data received from the navigation system, including the real-time solution as well as raw GNSS and IMU measurements.


Contains configuration and captured data from LiDAR sensor(s) as well as configuration and trigger-data about camera(s).


Only applies to Velodyne sensors. Contains configuration and captured data from Velodyne LiDAR sensor number X. A new log file with current timestamp is created when the user activates (SLT or ACT) and deactivates (OFF) the Velodyne LiDAR sensor.


Folder containing photos taken with camX. Some cameras allow storing the images within the rover’s log folder (e.g. Basler and Xenics cameras), others must be downloaded from the camera’s internal storage (e.g. Sony Alpha 6000).

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