Preparing the System

Before starting any mapping mission, please follow the guidelines in this section.

Follow this checklist to make the system ready for a successful mapping mission.

For all steps below, make sure the system is NOT connected to a power supply.

GPS and WiFi Cables

If you are not going to use Wi-Fi to connect to rover, you must install a Wi-Fi terminator on the Wi-Fi (WLAN) antenna port. Failure to install the Wi-Fi terminator on the Wi-Fi antenna port of the Nav Box when Wi-Fi is in use could destroy the Wi-Fi transmitter/receiver.

Camera Cable

Never connect or disconnect the I/O cable or any attached sensors/cameras from the I/O connector while the unit is supplied with power. This can lead to substantial damages to both NavBox and attached sensors/cameras. Always shut down the unit completely and unplug the power supply before disconnecting the I/O connector.

Power Cable


Once all the points mentioned above have been verified, it is safe to proceed to the next section Recording Data.