Camera Settings

All Sony mirrorless cameras are being shipped out with default camera settings that are appropriate for the majority of use-cases.

The default camera settings are as follows:



Shutter Speed

1/1000 s





Image Format


Color Space

Adobe RGB

Aspect Ratio


Lens Focus

Infinity focus

(the focus cannot be changed by the customer as the lens ring gets taped by us)

If desired, the customer is able to adjust camera settings by operation the buttons on the camera. The LCD screen on the camera is fully functional.

In order to permanently store new settings in the camera, follow these steps:

  • Power up the entire LiDAR payload (make sure the ON/OFF slide switch near the trigger button is set to the ON position)

  • Adjust camera settings per requirement by operating the buttons/wheel on the camera

  • Set the camera ON/OFF switch to the OFF position

  • Wait at least 20 seconds

  • Power down the entire LiDAR Payload by pressing the CPU button on the NavBox

  • For Ranger and miniRanger systems, wait until all LEDs on the LiDAR sensor are off before disconnecting the power supply from the NavBox

  • Set the camera ON/OFF switch to the ON position

  • The next time you now power up the system, the camera will operate with the new settings