General Guidelines and Warnings

Use specific Lithium Polymer chargers only. Do not use a NiCd or NiMh charger.

Failure to do so may result in personal injury and property damage.

Never charge batteries unattended.

When charging LiPo batteries, you should always remain in constant observation to monitor the charging process and to be able react to potential problems that may occur.

Some LiPo chargers may have technical deficiencies.

Always be cautious when using LiPo chargers. Some chargers may have technical deficiencies that may cause it to charge LiPo batteries incorrectly or at an improper rate.

If at any time you witness a battery starting to balloon or swell up, discontinue the charging process immediately.

Disconnect the battery and observe it in a safe place for approximately 15 minutes. Continuing to charge a battery that has begun to swell will result in fire. Never use a battery if you find it swollen or ballooned upon purchase.

If you accidentally short the wires, the battery must be placed in a safe area for observation for approximately 15 minutes.

Additionally, if a short occurs and contact is made with metal, severe injuries may occur due to the conductibility of an electric current.

In the event of a crash, remove the batteries for observation.

Place them in a safe open area away from any combustible material for approximately 15 minutes.

If for any reason you need to cut the terminal wires, it will be necessary to cut each wire separately.

Ensure the wires do not touch each other or a short may occur, potentially causing a fire. If you accidentally cause the battery to short, place it in a safe open space and observe the battery for approximately 15 minutes

Never store or charge a battery pack inside your car in extreme temperatures.

Extreme temperatures could cause fires.