Preparing the System

Before starting any mapping mission, please follow the guidelines in this section.

Follow this checklist to make the system ready for a successful mapping mission.

For all steps below, make sure the system is NOT connected to a power supply.

micro SD Card

GPS and WiFi Cables

Please note that the MCX (WiFi) and SMB (GPS) type connectors on the front panel have a limited number of mating cycles. Therefore we recommend leaving the provided MCX to RP-SMA WiFi pigtail and SMB to SMA GPS cable connected to the AIR NavBox whenever possible. Frequent connects and disconnects should be performed on the SMA side of the pigtail cable only.

LiDAR / Camera Cable

Never connect or disconnect the I/O cable or any attached sensors/cameras from the I/O connector while the unit is supplied with power. This can lead to substantial damages to both NavBox and attached sensors/cameras. Always shut down the unit completely and unplug the power supply before disconnecting the I/O connector.

Power Cable


Once all the points mentioned above have been verified, it is safe to proceed to the next section Recording Data.

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