Auto-detect with manual review

When using CameraSnap in the Auto-detect with review mode, CameraSnap finds matching features (generally referred to as keypoints), then displays these feature matches in the CameraSnap Match Explorer:

This allows the user to remove or add matches. Matches shown in the table are a feature match between two images. The image numbers and receptor numbers associated with the match are displayed in the leftmost columns of the table. To manually add a match, so the Manually-Created mode (the process is the same).

Approach Distance is one of the most useful fields in the Match Explorer. Approach Distance is calculated by projecting a ray from each image to the keypoint (or feature), and computing the difference in position of the rays. Generally, the smaller approach distance, the better the match.

You can sort the matches by clicking on the column headers. A quick and easy way to filter out bad matches is to sort by Approach Distance, then select and remove all matches with an approach distance greater than approximately 0.10 m.

Try to retain at least 20 matches, however ideally you have much more. Once you have filtered the matches, you can click Calibrate and CameraSnap will proceed with Calibration using the available feature matches. Review the CameraSnap report to ensure a proper calibration was achieved.

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