Mobile Trajectory Optimization

The mobile trajectory optimization preset optimizes for all parameters (south, east, up, roll, pitch, yaw) using the Linear Dense Optimization model. This optimization model uses the Dense Mode Interval parameter to split the trajectory into segments and computes a correction for each segment.

Generally speaking, this is a more aggressive optimization routine than the Aerial preset. Mobile datasets commonly suffer from low-quality GNSS data and unideal vehicle dynamics, so a more aggressive trajectory optimization routine is preferred.

Users can modify the Dense Mode Interval parameter to control the frequency that adjustment is performed. Increasing this parameter to about 5 seconds may be ideal when the processed trajectory quality is high and frequent adjustment is not necessary.

If your processed trajectory quality is high (as determined by attitude and position separation plots, satellite observation plots, and estimated accuracy plots), it is recommended that you disable optimizing the East and South parameters, as the horizontal component of your position is likely not in need of optimization.

If significant adjustment is required, consider disabling Preserve Local Trajectory Shape, as this parameter will restrict the optimizer from performing sudden adjustments, which may be required.

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