Clock bias adjustment

Timing offsets or clock biases between the navigation system and LiDAR scanner can produce incorrect georeferencing of point clouds, often resulting in a "wavy" pattern between scanlines.

Adjustment in SpatialExplorer

In SpatialExplorer version 5 and 6, the clock bias slider can be used to make timing adjustments to the point cloud georeferencing. This slider adds or subtracts a timing offset in milliseconds to the original timestamp recorded in the LiDAR returns. After adjusting the clock bias slider the pointcloud will automatically adjust (large data sets may take several seconds to update).

Adjustment in InertialExplorer

Time offsets can also be applied in InertialExplorer. To do so, first navigate to the Advanced settings menu.

Then, navigate to the User Cmds tab of IE and select the TIME_OFFSET command. This will allow you to enter a time offset value in seconds.