Ground Control with LiDARSnap

Ground control points (GCPs) can be used with LiDARSnap. Linear horizontal and/or vertical adjustments can be applied to point clouds using the Apply Corrections tool, however LiDARSnap is able to apply a variable adjustment to control, which may be required in some cases.

If GCPs are present in a project, they will, by default, be enabled for use in LiDARSnap:

When performing trajectory optimization with GCPs enabled, LiDARSnap will consider the vertical position of control points when determining trajectory adjustments.

GCPs marked as check points are not used by LiDARSnap.

It's generally not advisable to enable GCPs when running LiDARSnap as the influence of the GCP on LiDARSnap and the adjustment made to match the GCP is not easily reportable. Only enable GCPs with LiDARSnap when data sets are particularly difficult to optimize, such as data sets where the processed trajectory quality is low.

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