Reference Stations

Reference stations are used with NavLab Embedded to achieve the highest level of positioning accuracy. To import a reference station, navigate to Reference Stations in the project window and select the File Open icon:

Then, navigate to a raw observation file recorded by your reference station. The following raw reference station file formats are supported:

  • RINEX versions 2 and 3

  • Raw DAT files produced by Stonex receivers sold by Phoenix LiDAR Systems

  • Raw files produced by receivers using NovAtel OEM GNSS boards (many Hemisphere, Topcon, and Leica branded receivers)

If you are using RINEX format data, select the observation file (typically file extensions .22O, .23O, .obs) when importing the reference station, however ensure that the RINEX ephemeris files are also present in the same directory.

Once the reference station is imported, configure the position by double clicking the reference station file in the project window. If you are logged into your LiDARMill account, you can select a position from one of the positions saved to your LiDARMill account:

If you need to create a new position, select Manage Positions, select the reference station file from the banner on the left, then click Create at the bottom:

Enter the antenna type and position of the reference station. The coordinate reference system of the position also needs to be entered:

Enter the elevation of the reference station in the ARP Height field. Enter the position under the Height of Marker field. If you know the Height of Antenna ARP above Marker, enter that accordingly. Height of L1 Phase Center above ARP will automatically populate based on the antenna type that you selected.

Once finished, click OK.

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