SpatialExplorer: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I combine multiple missions?

In SpatialExplorer, open the PLP of the first mission. Next, open the second mission's PLP and so on, until all PLPs have been opened. Go to File->Save Project As and name the collective project.

Multiple trajectories can be processed at once in NavLab Embedded, just ensure that all of your reference station file(s) are loaded into the project.

Typically there will be minor relative accuracy issues between different data sets - follow this LiDARSnap workflow to ensure all data sets are matched together.

What reference station data file formats can be used with SpatialExplorer?

LiDARMill can accept a wider variety of reference station data file formats, as LiDARMill has access to many openly available RINEX converters. It's always recommended to upload your raw reference station data to LiDARMill - if the LiDARMill Analyze Reference Station, try uploading a RINEX version of the data.

SpatialExplorer can only process raw data from receivers that use NovAtel OEM GNSS receivers, which typically includes brands such as Stonex, Leica and Topcon. Raw data produced by the Stonex S900, sold by Phoenix LiDAR, can be processed in SpatialExplorer. Raw data from other receivers should be converted to RINEX prior to use in SpatialExplorer.

How do I change the camera target point, or center of rotation, in SpatialExplorer

Right-click on a point, trajectory pose, or other content in the main view to change the camera center of rotation.

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