Create Intervals

Processing intervals are used to exclude unnecessary data. Intervals are also involved during lidar calibration and relative accuracy reporting.

Automatic Intervals

Using the AutoSplit Trajectories tool, the user can specify parameters related to flight velocity, angular velocity and minimum interval duration to automatically remove turns and split the trajectory into straight-line processing intervals, sometimes referred to as flight lines:

Intervals will be depicted in magenta in the main view:

Note: With the AutoSplit Trajectories window open, you can reconfigure parameters and click "Compute" to recompute intervals.

The interval list will be visible in the project tree, located under Intervals. Here, multiple lists of intervals can be stored (e.g., one list of intervals for sensor calibration and another interval list for data production):

For more information regarding modifying interval lists, merging intervals, or creating intervals manually, see Project->Intervals.

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