Connect to Rover

To control and configure the lidar system, you must first connect to it. Click the Connect icon.

Connect using Wi-Fi or Ethernet

Typically, the lidar system is connected via UDP over Ethernet or Wi-Fi. The lidar system has several IP addresses:

Connection typeAddress Applicable systems

Wired via ethernet

All systems


All systems

Wired via M12

Systems designed for helicopter use only

When connecting via a wired connection, you must configure your computer's network interface with an address on the same subnet as the lidar system. Refer to this documentation regarding network adapter configuration in Microsoft Windows. More information about connecting to rover can be found here.

Connect to rover via Phoenix LiDAR System connection service

If you lidar system has a 4G/5G Cellular dongle connected, or is able to connect to the internet via some other means, you can reach the lidar system by entering the license key in this field.

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