The export menu is used to export point clouds to LAS/LAZ format, as well as to save other raster and vector products.

Select the data to export and desired export file format. Optionally you can select a boundary (KMZ/KML) to crop the export:

For point cloud exports, configure the LAS/LAZ file type, version, and the desired Output Coordinate System. If you'd like to have interval (or "flightline") information stored in the Point Source ID field of the LAS file, select your desired interval list from the Data To Export dropdown menu, then select one of the Index of Interval choices from the Point Source ID (0-65535) dropdown menu:

User Data (0-255) can be used to store a variety of different types of metadata, such as beam index or waveform deviation (Riegl scanners only). If you plan to associate this cloud with a trajectory, ensure the Time Format field matches the time format of your trajectory. To exclude certain point classes from the exported LAS/LAZ, unselect them in the Classes to Export dropdown menu.

The Color field can be filled with either RGB values (As Colorized) or XYZ vector normal values (for surface extraction/visualization).

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