Intervals created using the Create Intervals tool appear here, in the project window. It is possible to have several different interval lists in one project.

Intervals can be modified. To remove an interval from the list, click the red X on the left. The From and To times (listed in GPS TOW) can also be adjusted to change the time span of the interval. If an interval's time span is adjusted to overlap an existing interval's time span, SpatialExplorer will prompt you to either combine the two intervals or terminate the modified interval at the beginning of the existing interval.

Manual Interval Creation

Intervals can also be created manually. Select at least two positions along your trajectory. You should see these two positions in the measurements window:

Then, use the Create Intervals From Measurements tool, located at the bottom of the interval list menu:

You can create multiple intervals at once using this tool. Simply select the beginnings and ends of your desired intervals along the trajectory and click Create Intervals From Measurements. Measurements will be sorted by time prior to interval creation.

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