Disambiguate Lidar Ranging

Data recorded by Riegl lidar scanners requires range disambiguation.

Raw LiDAR files (.rxp files) are uploaded to the project at the same time the PLP is opened. If you have a RANGER series scanner (VUX-1, VUX-120, VUX-160, VUX-240), you will need to convert your RXP files to SDCX prior to building a point cloud.

SDCX file conversion is only necessary for systems with a Riegl LiDAR scanner. LiDAR data from any of the Scout, RECON, or AL3 series systems do not require this step.

Add the RXP files from your project folder and click Process:

Once processing is complete, SpatialExplorer will prompt you to replace the RXP files with SDCX files:

After adding the SDCX files to the project, you should notice that the LiDAR sessions now reference SDCX files (rather than the original RXP files):

SDCX conversion can fail. The most common reason for failure is that the input RXP file contains an insufficient amount of data (e.g. an RXP file that was created when testing the sensor, and contains only 5 - 10 seconds of data). In this case, no action is necessary, and the unprocessed RXP file can remain in the project, as it is unlikely to be used during point cloud production.

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