SpatialExplorer is used to control and configure lidar systems produced by Phoenix LiDAR Systems, as well as to post-process the acquired data. SpatialExplorer can also be used to post-process some data produced by non-Phoenix branded lidar systems, such as RESEPI systems and generic LAS/LAZ processing.

The following documentation is ordered according to the user interface of SpatialExplorer. Most processing tools are located within a toolbar, whereas processing settings and artifacts are located primarily in the project window.

Data Acquisition

If you are attempting to collect acquire data using a Phoenix lidar system, check out our rover toolbar documentation. If you are just trying to connect to a lidar system, to download data or configure settings, see the connect to rover documentation.

Post-Process Collected Data

If you already have acquired data, and you need to post-process the data, check out one of our data processing workflows, which are organized by acquisition style/platform.

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