CameraSnap Reports

CameraSnap creates a report, which gives the user insight into how accurate the calibration is.

The most comprehensive metric in the report is the Average Pixel Offset. This metric expresses the average of all approach distances in pixels (normally approach distance is expressed in meters). This is helpful for comparing calibrations between different data sets (with different GSDs) and different cameras.

Generally, you should try to achieve an Average Pixel Offset less than 1.00 pixels for all receptors.

Match Web

The match web displays which images shared a feature match.

If you have issues with your calibration, apparent due to a high Average Pixel Offset or poor colorization, ensure that the match web displays ample matches between images with overlapping content:

In the case of a sparse match web, you may have an imagery offset issue. If imagery is stored on external storage (SD card or laptop, external to the lidar system), it's possible that indexing images with their time stamps may be offset, and images are incorrectly georeferenced in the project. Check that the imagery content generally matches the lidar content at that location.

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