Examples: How to ensure accurate Georeferencing of Trajectories and Pointclouds

There are a few steps within the post processing workflow where you will be prompted to select some form of georeferencing (datum, epoch, horizontal CRS, Vertical CRS, etc.).

It is critical to the absolute accuracy of your post processed data products that this information is correct.

These steps include:

Project File - Spatial Explorer / LiDARMill

  • Project CRS

    • Datum and epoch

  • Import GCPs

    • Horizontal CRS, Vertical CRS, Epoch

Trajectory Processing - Inertial Explorer / Navlab

  • Input Refined Reference Station Coordinates during trajectory processing

    • Position, Datum, and Epoch

  • Output trajectory

    • Datum

LiDAR Export - Spatial Explorer / LiDARMill

  • Export LAS/LAZ

    • Horizontal CRS, Vertical CRS, Epoch

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