Create Camera Sessions from Data

Camera sessions, particularly data recorded via Ladybug cameras (PGR files), can be created from data. This is necessary as the PGR files are recorded on the operator's notebook PC, NOT on the lidar system itself, thus the user needs to point SpatialExplorer to the PGR data.

The user needs to specify the Camera Model, Sensor Index (typically 0 or 1), and the location of the first PGR file. If your lidar system has an aerial camera (A7R4, A6K, etc.), the Sensor Index should be 1; otherwise, if the Ladybug is the only camera associated with the system, select 0.

Some additional Timing Options are available. In most cases, parse the timing from images (EXIF, XMP, PGR) should be used. Snapping to navigation system timestamps is typically not necessary, and this field can be left as 0 msecs.

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